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Some information on chronic fluoride toxicity:

                                                      A brief description of the Chronic Fluoride Toxicity Syndrome from Waldbott GL, Burgstahler AW, McKinney HL, Fluoridation: the great dilemma. Lawrence, Kansas: Coronado Press; 1978. p. 392-3.

                                                      A radiograph of the forearm of a patient with chronic fluoride toxicity  from Susheela AK. A treatise on fluorosis. 3rd ed. Delhi: Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation; 2007. p. 35.

                                                     Fluoride fatigue. Fluoride poisoning: is fluoride in your drinking water—and from other sources—making you sick?  A 78-page account of the chronic fluoride toxicity syndrome by Bruce Spittle, Revised 4th printing. Dunedin, New Zealand: Paua Press; 2009. (Free pdf file).   


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